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What is Commander Smart Voice

Commander Smart Voice is designed for use over the National Broadband Network (NBN) using fibre technology instead of the copper PSTN network, Commander Smart Voice allows you to replace a copper PSTN service while continuing to use your existing telephone handsets, and NBN compatible EFTPOS terminals, fax machines and HiCAPS terminals.

Can I get access to Commander Smart Voice

The Commander Smart Voice service is available to all our existing and new business customers where NBN or alternative fibre connections are available. If you have been notified that your existing copper services are due to be disconnected into the future, then please call the Commander Smart Voice team on 132 777 to discuss the migration from your existing copper service to your Commander Smart Voice service, delivered over the new NBN connections.

How do I connect

Instead of connecting your telephone devices (compatible phone, fax, EFTPOS, HICAPS) to a telephony line (copper based service), you can now physically connect these devices to the ports supplied on the NBN supplied connection box or Network Termination Device (NTD). This means that your calls will be carried over the NBN or other fibre network by our Commander Smart Voice service.

Is it the same as the old PSTN service?

Commander Smart Voice delivers similar capability as the PSTN service, plus the added benefits of running over the new, state of the art and reliable NBN fibre optic service. Commander Smart Voice will soon be able to provide exciting new features that your old PSTN service could not deliver.

When do I know that my services will need to be moved across to an NBN connection?

We’ll let you know when your Commander Smart Voice service is ready so you can physically move your phone services from the copper telephone line connection to the NBN supplied connection box or Network Terminating Device (NTD). Make sure you let us know if you would like assistance with cabling your internal wall sockets to the NBN NTD.

What will I pay for a phone service on the NBN?

We offer a wide range of plans as you consider your migration across to the NBN connections including Commander Phone and Commander Smart Voice. Please check the website plan details or you can discuss the options by calling Commander on 132 777.

What is the NBN NTD? Navigation

The NBN connection box or NTD (Network Termination Device) is your new connection point to the National Broadband Network. NBN technicians will install this in your premises when you purchase the Commander Smart Voice service. It is the device that all your existing telephone services 'plug into' when moved to the NBN. Your NBN broadband services will also plug into the NTD to supply your Internet data service if you have requested one.

How many lines can I purchase?

You can purchase as many Commander Smart Voice lines as you need. The NBN connection box (NTD) has two physical ports designed for connecting telephone services directly. Additional equipment can be purchased for connecting more than two telephone services. Commander can provide this equipment. It will arrive pre-configured to work with your Commander Smart Voice service.

I am an existing Commander customer. What does this mean to me?

Don't worry. We will contact you to arrange the transition and advise you when you need to move your devices across to the NBN connection box (NTD) in the days prior to the copper service being disconnected. Your telephone numbers are expected to remain the same.

What do I need to be able to run Commander Smart Voice?

Simply order a Commander Smart Voice service for each PSTN line you wish to use on the NBN. We’ll let you know if you require any additional equipment to connect to the NBN connection box (NTD). You can re-use your existing telephone devices that should be compatible with the NBN.

Is there a setup fee?

A standard connection fee of $59 applies for new Commander Smart Voice services on 0 month contracts. No setup applies on 24 month contracts. This fee is waived for existing customers moving to the NBN.

Do I need special equipment or a router to make this work?

No special equipment is needed to run Commander Smart Voice (for up to two telephone devices). If you need more than two services additional equipment can be purchased from Commander to connect telephone services to the data ports of the NBN connection box (NTD).

Can I transfer my existing phone numbers to Commander Smart Voice?

Yes. At your request, we can transfer existing business phone numbers from most providers to Commander Smart Voice on the NBN.

Can I move my numbers from my existing service provider to Commander and the Commander Smart Voice product?

Yes you certainly can. With your authority, we will move your existing numbers across from your existing service provider to the Commander Commander Smart Voice service. This is called a 'number port' or 'number transfer'. Once completed, your numbers will be available through Commander on the NBN network. This is the moment when you can physically move the telephone device from the copper phone line to the NBN connection box (NTD).

How long does it take to move my numbers from my existing service provider to your Commander Smart Voice service?

There are two types of number transfers. Category A Simple, one number ports are called "Category A" and can be completed in approximately 5 to 10 business days. Category C ports are complex, multi-line ports and typically take 10-35 Business Days. All ports rely on the existing service provider to comply with these targets that are set for the industry. This does not take into account time to install the underlying infrastructure, for example, the NTD.

What happens when power goes down at my premises?

The NBN supplied NTD is powered from your premises power. You will be asked by the NBN technician to supply a power point in your premises where the NBN technician can connect the NTD. The NTD can also have battery backup to power the two voice ports in the case of power failure in which case it is designed to operate for a limited time without mains power. In the event you do not have a working battery, emergency calls cannot be made using the Service during a power outage.

Who maintains the battery backup on the NBN connection box (NTD)?

It is your responsibility to maintain the battery and ensure that it is working correctly.

Can I use my existing analogue phones with Commander Smart Voice?

Yes you sure can. Your existing analogue phones can be connected to the NBN NTD and the Commander Smart Voice service will look after the rest.

Can I use a cordless phone?

Yes you can. The cordless phone's base station can be plugged into the NBN NTD, just like any other telephone device.

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