4G Backup – Instant Activation

Photo of a Commander AR129 Business Gateway

With increasing reliance on the Internet for running so many aspects of your business, including phone calls, have you considered the impact on your customers if your office phones stopped working?

Make sure your business maintains Internet connectivity to keep your IP handsets connected in the event of an unforeseen primary network outage, failed connection or as an interim service while waiting for your Internet service to be connected.

4G Backup is a mobile broadband service¹ that provides 4G Internet access for making and receiving IP voice calls² with a Commander Business Gateway³.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you won’t lose contact with customers and suppliers and be assured of business continuity⁴.


What is 4G Backup?

4G Backup lets you make and receive calls on Commander IP Voice products when your fixed Internet connection has failed or is waiting to be activated.

Delivered over a mobile broadband service, 4G Backup supports Internet telephony calls via Commander’s network and voice servers only.

What is the Business Gateway?

The Business Gateway is a Commander supplied gateway that provides Internet connectivity and the capability to make and receive Internet telephony calls over a fixed broadband network.

The gateway is pre-configured and includes built-in cellular redundancy to support mobile broadband backup for Commander Internet telephony calls i.e. 4G Backup.

How does the Business Gateway and 4G Backup work?

The Business Gateway can identify when a fixed Internet connection has failed. Once it detects the primary service has been disconnected, the gateway automatically switches over to the 4G Backup service (via an inbuilt SIM card) to support Internet connectivity over mobile broadband.

4G Backup enables the gateway to re-establish Internet connectivity with the customer’s IP handsets, so they can continue to make and receive calls in backup mode.

In reverse, as soon as the gateway detects a successful fixed Internet connection, it will automatically switch from the 4G Backup service to the primary fixed Internet service.

Note: IP handsets must go through the network registration process each time they reconnect to the Internet, via either a primary fixed broadband or 4G Backup service. A short period of down-time may be experienced whilst this process takes place.

What activity does 4G Backup support?

4G Backup supports Internet access and IP Voice calls during periods of a failed connection or as an interim service whilst waiting for a primary service to be connected. As an interim service, 4G Backup may be particularly beneficial if you are moving into new premises, for example. If being used as a ‘plug & play’ interim solution, the Business Gateway may need to be rebooted once the primary service is connected and available for use.

4G data traffic for Internet access is shaped to 12/1 Mbps.

It is important to understand that some data (streaming for example) can demand a lot of bandwidth. To maximise the performance of critical data business activity (including voice), non-essential traffic should be avoided.

Fax and Voiceband data services, such as dial-up EFTPoS or HiCAPS, may not work on this service. Alternative solutions should be considered for these and back-to-base alarm services.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for a 4G Backup service?

4G Backup is only available to customers that bundle a Commander Business Gateway with a fixed Internet service on the same account. An eligible IP Voice plan is also required on the same account, if backup for IP Voice calls is required.

How much does 4G Backup cost?

4G Backup is enabled free of charge, when a Business Gateway is bundled with a Commander fixed Internet service and eligible IP Voice plan on the same account.

What network is 4G Backup delivered over?

4G Backup is a mobile broadband service delivered over the Optus 3G and 4G Plus mobile network.

Is 4G Backup available in all Optus 4G coverage areas?

4G Backup is not available in Optus 4G areas delivered over the LTE 700MHz (B28) network. This network frequency restriction is a result of device compatibility.

What mobile network specifications is the Commander Business Gateway compatible with?

4G:Optus LTE-Advanced FDD 2100MHz (B1), 1800MHz (B3), 2600MHz (B7)

3G:Optus HSPA+ 2100MHz (B1), 900MHz (B8)

Note: 4G Backup is available in these Optus network coverage areas only.

Will 4G Backup work in the event of a power outage?

4G Backup will not support calls (including calls to Emergency ‘000’ services) without a power supply.

To ensure continuity of service in the event of a power outage, please ensure you maintain a battery backup or UPS solution for all your hardware (e.g. gateway, switches, IP Voice handsets) or have a charged mobile phone available.

Does 4G Backup include a Static IP Address?

Yes, a Static IP Address is provided per service – no additional costs apply.

Can I use my Business Gateway with 4G Backup overseas?

International Roaming is not available on this service therefore backup will not work overseas.

Can I use 4G Backup as a permanent Internet connection?

By default, the Business Gateway will connect to an available fixed broadband service as a primary Internet connection.

4G Backup can be used as a temporary backup Internet connection for interim or failover purposes only.

How will I know when I am on the 4G Backup connection?

On the front panel of the Business Gateway, the ‘PPP’ light up will be off, indicating that the primary fixed Internet connection has failed.

In the event that the 4G Backup service is in use, you will be able to make and receive calls, however, you will not be able to browse the Internet.

If my fixed broadband connection goes down while using the Internet, will I be disconnected?

You will be disconnected until the backup route is established. The same will apply for the return connection to the primary service.

If my fixed broadband connection goes down while on a call, will I be disconnected?

Your call will be disconnected and you will experience a short period of down-time whilst the backup route is established and your IP handsets connect via the 4G Backup service and re-register to the network. The same will apply for the return to primary service.

What will happen to any IP Sec tunnels or inbound NAT configured in my Business Gateway?

If you have inbound port address translations configured for remote access to servers on an office network, these will cease to function when the primary service is not available. Port forwards are not currently supported on 4G Backup.

Some organisations also establish IP Sec VPN connections between sites. In the event of a primary service outage, the IP Sec tunnel will not be established and the service will be unavailable.

Can I access the Commander Business Gateway remotely via 4G Backup?

Remote access is possible when in 4G Backup mode and the primary access is unavailable.

The Fine Print

  1. Service is delivered via a mobile broadband service on the Optus Mobile Network and is subject to availability in some areas. 4G Backup is not available in Optus 4G areas restricted to 700MHz (B28) coverage only. For further details, see Mobile Coverage
  2. Supports unlimited access for Internet and IP Voice calls (in line with plan inclusions). Both upload and download data are counted. Acceptable Use Policy applies.
  3. Commander IP Voice services and Commander Business Gateway are sold separately.
  4. 4G Backup is available as an interim service in the event a primary fixed internet connection has failed or is pending activation.
  5. The failover and return to a primary service in the event of a primary service outage will result in a short period of downtime as re-routing takes place and IP handsets re-register to the network.
  6. 4G Backup is available on new mobile broadband services only. Service includes a Static IP Address. 4G Backup will not work in the event of a power outage. For power redundancy, please ensure you have a battery backup system or UPS for your router, LAN and handset equipment.
  7. 4G Backup is not permitted for use as a permanent Internet connection and cannot be used whilst a primary Internet service is detected for use by the Commander Business Gateway.
  8. International Roaming and SMS are not supported on the Service.
  9. Information is correct as of 1st February 2019.
  10. For full details, please see applicable Critical Information Summaries for eligible IP Voice and Internet plans.