About NBN

What is the nbn®?

The nbn® is giving Australia’s Internet a face lift, replacing its old copper infrastructure with fibre-based technology.  Improving delivery and speeds and providing better voice and quality of service.  It is the opportunity to give every business the capability to reach higher goals.

What are the benefits?

The nbn™ can revolutionise the way you do business. Not only can you get faster connections and consistent speeds, the nbn can enable businesses to take advantage of digital technologies regardless of their location, gain valuable access to new markets and compete on a global scale. As the nbn replaces our existing copper wire network, businesses will have access to high-speed Internet and improved phone services, along with smart solutions like cloud services, video calls, live chat and remote working.

productivity opportunity flexibility collaboration
Better productivity

Save valuable time with faster speed and the reliable nbn™ network

New Opportunities

Remove geographic barriers and improve online experience for customers

Flexible working

Ability to stay connected, share resources and work remotely

Enhanced Collaboration

With high definition video conferencing and live chat


When will it be delivered in my area?

Type in your business address to see when it’s coming to your premises

What services will be affected?

Some of your existing services will be affected, this is the time to assess whether you need them or upgrade to the latest technology.

Affected Service

What you need to do

What we recommend


Check if your existing modem/gateway is compatible to the nbn® access network

Upgrade to our Commander Business Modem with 4G Backup to always stay connected


Check if your existing PBX or telephone handset is compatible to the nbn® access network

Upgrade to our Business Phone solution and never miss a call


Check if your existing fax is compatible to the nbn® access network

Get a fax line on the nbn or move to a e-fax solution


Check if your existing ATM/EFTPOS device is compatible to the nbn® access network

Contact your terminal provider for a wireless solution

Security Alarm

Check if your existing Security Alarm device is compatible to the nbn® access network

Contact your Security alarm provider for more information

Fire and Emergency Lift Services

Check if your existing Fire and Emergency lift devices are compatible to the nbn® access network

Register your Fire or lift service with nbn Co

Medical Alarms

Check if your existing Medical Alarm device is compatible to the nbn® access network

Register your medical Alarm with nbn Co

Multi technology mix

In order to roll out nbn® to every Australian premises, a unique mix of technologies is required: hence the name Multi Technology Mix (MTM).

There are two ways to connect to the nbn® network, either a physical line running into the premises (Eg; FTTB, FTTC, FTTN, FTTP or HFC) or a wireless connection (Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster™ satellite) Commander does not support Sky Muster™ satellite.

Fibre to the premises (FTTP)

Fibre cable directly to your premises (replacing all existing copper cables).



Fibre to the node (FTTN)^

Fibre to a node in your street, then via the existing copper network straight into your premesis.


Fibre to the building (FTTB)^

Fibre to the basement of your building, and then via the existing technology in the building (to connect to each office).


Hybrid Coaxial Fibre (HFC)

A combination of new and existing cables from the fibre node to your premises.


Fibre to the Curb (FTTC)^

Fibre extended to a small Distribution Point Unit (DPU) close to your premises (usually inside a pit on the street) then via the existing copper network to your premises.

Fixed Wireless

Data delivered wirelessly via radio signals from a fixed wireless transmission tower to an nbn approved antenna on the roof of your premises.


Sky Muster™ Satellite – Commander does not support this technology

Connection of remote communities via two state-of-the-art satellites, onto a roof satellite dish on the business.

sky muster


^ Additional factors apply to technologies using existing copper cable, which may reduce speeds. These may include; the length of the copper cable from the node to your wall socket; the condition of the copper, and/or exposure to the elements. Co-existence is another factor: This is the minimum period of 18 months after an area becomes ‘ready for service’ (RFS) and may be extended by nbn Co if required.  RFS is not specific to any individual service but applies to the entire area in which existing DSL and traditional analogue telephone (PSTN) services co-exist with nbn FTTB/N/C services.

Are you NBN-ready?


Do you know your roll-out date?

Check your business address here


Check your equipment capability

Phone system


Fax Machine


Security alarm

Fire Alarm

Emergency lift phone

Medical alarm


Take the opportunity to upgrade your equipment


Would you like for your business to have a bigger footprint and appear more professional? Commander Phone help step up your business profile with many great features:

Auto-Receptionist - Automated call answering with personalised menu options to direct calls. (eg. Press 1 for Sales)

Voicemail2email – Receive voice messages in your email, webmail or smart phone

Customer call forwarding - Choose which calls are redirected to another destination

For these and more options, take a look at our Office Phones products


Is your internal wiring or cabling nbn-ready?

Internet connectivity - minimum of CAT5 cabling

Voice connectivity – can vary from CAT3 to CAT5


Phone numbers

Your phone numbers are critical to your business, so don’t wait until you are nearing disconnection to move to the nbn.  If your existing service gets disconnected, you may not be able to retrieve your phone number ever again. 

Internet & Bundles

NBN speeds explained

Learn more about nbn speeds

Commander NBN Guarantee

Whether you’re an existing customer or just about to join Commander, we’ve got you covered when it comes to the nbn.

When the nbn arrives in your area, we’ll upgrade your Commander Office Phone or Internet plan to the nbn with no penalty.

It’s that simple.

Our nbn guarantee to you:
  • no penalties when you switch your existing Commander plan to an nbn plan 
  • nbn-ready devices 
  • seamless transition to a Commander nbn plan