Diverting Your Office Phone

There are different ways to divert your phones depending on which Office Phone product you have.

Commander Phone

If you have a Commander Phone or Yealink handset then you can divert your calls using this guide, or if you can’t get to your handset, you can use Command Central using this guide.

Business Line NBN

If you have a standard handset and you’re on the NBN, you probably have Business Line NBN. Try using this guide.

Business Line PSTN or ISDN

If you have a standard handset and you don’t have NBN at your premises yet then you probably have Business Line PSTN or ISDN. Try using this guide.

Still Not Sure?

Try checking your bill or service details in Take Command to see what kind of Commander Office Phone service you have.

Business Phone Management

Command Central is your business phone configuration tool. Using Command Central you can customise you phone settings to suit your business needs.

To access Command Central, click here.

To help you make the most of your new business landline service, including important numbers and handy hints for setting up your network . Click here if you’ve upgraded to the NBN or here if you are on older PSTN technology. 

Commander Phone

Commander Phone User Guide

Everything you need to know to set up and use your Commander Phone system and its most commonly used features.

Commander Phone User Guide

Commander with Webex

Getting Started

Setup Your Smart Connect with Webex Account Call us on 132 777

Download Webex App for Mac, PC, iOS, Android

System Requirements

Commander with Webex User Guide

Calling Support

Meeting Support

Changing your Email Address
  1. Login to Commander with Webex with your existing email address and user ID and password.
  2. Once you are logged in, go to ‘Account Settings’ and click on email. You will be prompted to enter a new email address.
  3. When this is done, you will be sent a confirmation to both your ‘old’ and ‘new’ email addresses.


Is there a minimum number of channels?

A minimum of 2 channel is required to use Commander SIP. Once the 2 channels have been purchased, you can add individual channels to your service as and when you need them.

How many channels do I need?

Each Commander SIP Channel provides 1 concurrent call. If your business needs to make 4 calls at the same time, you need 4 channels.

What kind of phone systems does Commander SIP work with?

Commander SIP works with IP enabled phone system. It’s best to check with your phone system manufacturer to find out if your system is IP based or have a chat to your local Commander Centre. (link to the Locate Us page)

NBN Business Line

Call Forward your NBN Business Line

For information on how to forward calls from your Business Line to another number, check this quick reference guide.

NBN Business Line Feature Access Codes

What is Commander NBN Business Line

Commander NBN Business Line is designed for use over the National Broadband Network (NBN) using fibre technology instead of the copper PSTN network, Commander NBN Business Line  allows you to replace a copper PSTN service while continuing to use your existing telephone handsets, and NBN compatible EFTPOS terminals, fax machines and HiCAPS terminals.

Can I get access to Commander NBN Business Line

The Commander NBN Business Line  service is available to all our existing and new business customers where NBN or alternative fibre connections are available. If you have been notified that your existing copper services are due to be disconnected into the future, then please call the Commander NBN Business Line team on 1300 472 187 to discuss the migration from your existing copper service to your Commander NBN Business Line service, delivered over the new NBN connections.

How do I connect

Instead of connecting your telephone devices (compatible phone, fax, EFTPOS, HICAPS) to a telephony line (copper based service), you can now physically connect these devices to the ports supplied on the NBN supplied connection box or Network Termination Device (NTD). This means that your calls will be carried over the NBN or other fibre network by our Commander NBN Business Line service.

Is it the same as the old PSTN service?

Commander NBN Business Line delivers similar capability as the PSTN service, plus the added benefits of running over the new, state of the art and reliable NBN fibre optic service. Commander NBN Business Line will soon be able to provide exciting new features that your old PSTN service could not deliver.

When do I know that my services will need to be moved across to an NBN connection?

We’ll let you know when your Commander NBN Business Line service is ready so you can physically move your phone services from the copper telephone line connection to the NBN supplied connection box or Network Terminating Device (NTD). Make sure you let us know if you would like assistance with cabling your internal wall sockets to the NBN NTD.

What will I pay for a phone service on the NBN?

We offer a wide range of plans as you consider your migration across to the NBN connections including Commander Phone and Commander NBN Business Line. Please check the website plan details or you can discuss the options by calling Commander on 1300 472 187.

What is the NBN NTD? Navigation

The NBN connection box or NTD (Network Termination Device) is your new connection point to the National Broadband Network. NBN technicians will install this in your premises when you purchase the Commander NBN Business Line service. It is the device that all your existing telephone services 'plug into' when moved to the NBN. Your NBN broadband services will also plug into the NTD to supply your Internet data service if you have requested one.

How many lines can I purchase?

You can purchase as many Commander NBN Business Line lines as you need. The NBN connection box (NTD) has two physical ports designed for connecting telephone services directly. Additional equipment can be purchased for connecting more than two telephone services. Commander can provide this equipment. It will arrive pre-configured to work with your Commander NBN Business Line service.

I am an existing Commander customer. What does this mean to me?

Don't worry. We will contact you to arrange the transition and advise you when you need to move your devices across to the NBN connection box (NTD) in the days prior to the copper service being disconnected. Your telephone numbers are expected to remain the same.

What do I need to be able to run Commander NBN Business Line?

Simply order a Commander NBN Business Line service for each PSTN line you wish to use on the NBN. We’ll let you know if you require any additional equipment to connect to the NBN connection box (NTD). You can re-use your existing telephone devices that should be compatible with the NBN.

Do I need special equipment or a router to make this work?

No special equipment is needed to run Commander NBN Business Line (for up to two telephone devices). If you need more than two services additional equipment can be purchased from Commander to connect telephone services to the data ports of the NBN connection box (NTD).

Can I transfer my existing phone numbers to Commander NBN Business Line?

Yes. At your request, we can transfer existing business phone numbers from most providers to Commander NBN Business Line on the NBN.

Can I move my numbers from my existing service provider to Commander and the Commander NBN Business Line product?

Yes you certainly can. With your authority, we will move your existing numbers across from your existing service provider to the Commander NBN Business Line service. This is called a 'number port' or 'number transfer'. Once completed, your numbers will be available through Commander on the NBN network. This is the moment when you can physically move the telephone device from the copper phone line to the NBN connection box (NTD).

How long does it take to move my numbers from my existing service provider to your Commander NBN Business Line service?

There are two types of number transfers. Category A Simple, one number ports are called "Category A" and can be completed in approximately 5 to 10 business days. Category C ports are complex, multi-line ports and typically take 10-35 Business Days. All ports rely on the existing service provider to comply with these targets that are set for the industry. This does not take into account time to install the underlying infrastructure, for example, the NTD.

What happens when power goes down at my premises?

The NBN supplied NTD is powered from your premises power. You will be asked by the NBN technician to supply a power point in your premises where the NBN technician can connect the NTD. The NTD can also have battery backup to power the two voice ports in the case of power failure in which case it is designed to operate for a limited time without mains power. In the event you do not have a working battery, emergency calls cannot be made using the Service during a power outage.

Who maintains the battery backup on the NBN connection box (NTD)?

It is your responsibility to maintain the battery and ensure that it is working correctly.

Can I use my existing analogue phones with Commander NBN Business Line?

Yes you sure can. Your existing analogue phones can be connected to the NBN NTD and the Commander NBN Business Line service will look after the rest.

Can I use a cordless phone?

Yes you can. The cordless phone's base station can be plugged into the NBN NTD, just like any other telephone device.


What networks do we use?

Commander Fixed Phone and Data services are delivered over own network or where our network is not available, using wholesale services supplied to us by Telstra.
Commander fibre services are delivered over own network or where our network is not available using the NBN Co Ltd fibre network, Opticomm and Redtrain.
Commander IP Voice services are delivered over own network.
Commander 4G Backup services are delivered using the Optus 4G and 3G/HSDPA GSM networks, subject to network availability.

What is Priority Network Support?

Priority Network Support is a value-added service provided on our nbn® plans. With Priority Network Support, you receive a dedicated onboarding experience and enhanced restoration times on any of our nbn® plans. This service is highly recommended for businesses that have critical data needs and require a high level of support.

  Priority Network Support 8 Priority Network Support 12 Standard Support
Restoration target^ 8 coverage hours 12 coverage hours Next Business day (5pm)*
Coverage hours Mon-Fri 8am-12am
Sat 8am-5pm AEST
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm AEST

*If reported during coverage hours. ^If the restoration target is not met, the monthly fee for Priority Network Support is refunded. NOTE: Priority Network Support only covers the nbn service, and all other bundled services are not included. If you already have Priority Network Support with us and want to log an nbn® fault, then please call 1300 535 398.

What is the 4G Backup?

Delivered over a mobile broadband service, 4G Backup lets you access the Internet and make/receive IP Voice calls (in line with your plan’s inclusions) when your fixed Internet connection has failed or is waiting to be activated. Not available on Opticomm or Redtrain services.

What is the Business Modem?

The Business Modem is Commander-supplied hardware that supports Internet connectivity and includes the capability to make/receive IP Voice calls over a broadband network. The modem automatically configures upon connection to the Commander network and includes a built-in SIM to enable 4G backup access to the Internet when your primary fixed connection is not available. It’s a Wi-Fi 6 compatible modem that offers a better user experience and faster speeds. 

What do I have to do to connect to the nbn with Commander?

Once you have signed up with Commander, we will coordinate your activation. If the nbn® isn't currently at your address, we will arrange for an nbn technician to get you connected.  If you have selected to use our Business Modem, one will be sent out to you.  You can also add Office Phones to your order, our hardware is easily self-installed, or you can have it professionally installed for a charge.

How can I improve my Wi-Fi experience?

You can use your own Wi-Fi boosters or mesh devices with our  Business Modem. However, we do not offer support for third-party devices. It’s up to you to make sure that any third-party devices are compatible with our modem. 

Other Products

Other Office Phone Product Support

For support with PABX, Inbound Call Numbers, PSTN or other Office Phone products please contact us Mon-Fri 9am-5pm AEST.

Getting Started?

How long does Commander Phone take to activate?

Once you have placed your order, our deployment team starts implementing your service. Your handsets are then shipped to you within 2 or 3 business days. If you have chosen to install the handsets yourself, and you will be receiving new numbers, then the service should be available for you to use once you have installed the handsets. If you’ve ordered a Professional Installation, or you need to transfer your existing numbers (number port), then it will take a little longer to activate. Our activations team will be in touch in either of these scenarios to keep you updated and book your installation and porting dates.

What's involved in setting up my Commander Phone service?

Commander Phone uses your local power and Internet connection to make and receive phone calls.

To be able to run Commander Phone in your environment and across your internet connection there are number of things you need to consider:

  • Confirm that you have an Internet service that has the capacity and quality to carry your telephone calls. Most nbn™ services are more than capable of supporting Commander Phone. As a rule of thumb, you can carry around 8 concurrent phone calls for each MB/s that your service supports in each direction (download/upload). An NBN 50 connection with 20Mbps upload speed can theoretically support up to 160 concurrent calls if there’s no other internet traffic happening on the line at the same time.
  • The ability to provide power to the new Commander Phone via the power pack we supply you or via your LAN switch (PoE capable switches and handsets only).
  • Check you have cabling that connects your new Commander Phone to your LAN switch (data network) or modem. Cat 5 or better. Note: We supply you a two-meter patch lead with the phone.
  • Check your LAN switch or modem for spare ports to make sure you can connect all the new Commander Phones and all your other existing devices (computers/printers etc) as well.
  • Have a plan with Commander to manage other services like fax, EFTPOS terminals and security systems.
  • Work with Commander to transfer your existing numbers (port) or get new phone numbers

I am moving to a new address. How do I confirm whether my internet will be capable of supporting Commander Phone if I haven't connected any services yet?

Commander can complete a service qualification at the new premises while you are waiting for the new internet service to arrive. This will determine the type of service available at that location. However, this will not guarantee that Commander Phone can be used over that internet service. Most nbn™ services can support Commander Phone. Speak to us for more information.

Do I need special equipment or a router to make this work?

You will need to plug each handset into a live internet enabled data port (LAN port) using a Cat 5 cable (we provide a 2m cable with each handset). These are the same cables that some computers use to connect to modems/routers.

Depending on how many handsets you are setting up, you may need additional equipment.

Most internet modems/routers include 4 data ports, some of which you may already be using. You could even have a switch or router connected to one of these ports which has extra ports available on it. Think of those as double adapters or power boards for your data.

You will need to check how many data ports you have available in your business. If you are buying more handsets than you have available ports, you will need to buy a switch.

We can provide you with a switch or you can buy one from a computer equipment retailer.

Can I transfer my existing phone numbers to Commander Phone?

Yes, we can work with the existing provider of your business phone numbers and have them transferred over to Commander Phone. There are various number porting processes depending on what type of service your numbers are currently connected to and our activations team will provide you with all the details when they review your order.

I have five numbers. How can I move them all to Commander Phone? Is that five difference services?

We suggest that you allocate your main business number to the complimentary Hunt Group and the rest of your numbers can be allocated to the other individual handsets.

The hunt group will be used to send inbound calls to your individual handsets so that you never miss a call on your main business number. Hunt groups are completely configurable and customisable in Command Central, to suit your business needs.

Once I move my numbers to Commander Phone, can I use the same numbers if I then move my business to a new premise?

Yes, you can use the same numbers on an internet service at the new location, whether this internet service is delivered by Commander or not. Some rules do apply to how far you can move a number. Generally, if you’re moving within the same state area code (08, 02, 03 etc), you can keep the same number.

How long does it take to move my numbers from my existing service provider to your Commander Phone service?

Moving numbers from another service provider to Commander requires us to request the transfer on your behalf. Your current provider will then transfer the numbers to Commander. There are two types of moves: A category A (simple) one number port has a service level target of approximately 5 to 10 business days; and Category C (complex) multi-line moves have a service level target of approximately 10-35 business days.

Can I choose from a list of numbers?

No, we are currently unable to give customers the opportunity to select numbers from a list.

Can I move my number to Commander Phone if I have a DSL on it?

Yes, but not easily. Transferring a number will cancel any broadband service associated with that number and you need an active broadband service to run your Commander Phone. If the service number is carrying the broadband service that you intend to transfer to Commander, you will first need to transfer your broadband service to another service number. We can assist you with this process and advise you of the costs.

How do I log in to my account?

Visit www.takecommand.com.au to see your bills, call usage, payment details etc. If you want to configure your group and user level phone services, then go to Command Central at http://commandcentral.commander.com. The administrator of the account will receive login details for Take Command and Command Central upon signing up.

What is the Administrator

The Administrator is the representative in your business who has privileges to change and update the configuration of Commander Phone. The administrator uses Command Central to make these changes and updates.

What happens when internet or power goes down?

As Commander Phone uses your internet service and local power, any power outages or internet faults will impact your Commander Phone. There are several great features in Commander Phone which allow you to still be able to make and receive calls if internet or power goes down.

You can use the Commander Phone Mobile App on your Smartphone to make and receive calls even when your power or internet is down.

We also suggest that you use the Simultaneous Ring feature to allow both Commander Phones and your mobile phone to ring at the same time. This feature will also continue to work during power or internet failures.

Another great Commander Phone feature is the 'Call Forward Unreachable' function. It allows you to forward your calls to a specified number when your site cannot connect to the Commander Phone servers.

Simultaneous Ring and Call Forward Unreachable can be configured in Command Central or in the Smart UC Mobile App.

Using Commander Phone

Using Commander Phone

What phone features does Commander Phone Support?

Commander Phone offers a range of smart features that put you in control of your business communications. View our Benefits and Features to find out more.

I only want to use certain features. Can I purchase those separately?

Commander Phone is an all-inclusive service which comes with features that are available to be used by all users. Administrators can use Command Central to restrict the features that are available to different user types. This is called 'Visible Service Packs'.

How many minutes are included with my account?

Unlimited calls to local, national and mobiles in Australia are included in every in-market plan. Customers on older plans may have different call rates. Calls between numbers that are on the same Commander account are also included.

Can I make International calls?

Yes, you can. As an administrator, using Command Central you can also restrict who in your business can make International calls. This is called Outgoing Call Plans.

How do I retrieve my voice message?

You can listen to your voice messages on your handset, on any other phone, or via email using the voicemail-to-email feature.

Commander Phone can convert your voicemails into emails that get delivered in your inbox for you to listen at your desk or on your smartphone.

To set up voicemail-to-email, follow the instructions in our Command Central user guide.

To learn how to use the Voice Portal, click here .

How do I setup my greeting?

When you call into the Commander Voice Portal, you will be prompted to set up your voice mail greeting. Just follow the prompts. To enter the Voice Portal either press the messages button on your handset or dial 9999.

You will need your voicemail PIN If you haven’t set one up yet the details for this are included in the Administrator Details email we sent you when your service was first activated.

If you’d like to change your greeting, then follow these instructions.

How do I customise my answering rule?

Commander Phone is a SMART business phone. It allows you to customise the way calls are answered at a business level, department or group level and user level. Command Central is used to customise the Auto Receptionist and Hunt Groups. SMART Schedules are used to customise these rules using time and date conditions. Individual users can change their own answering rules using Command Central or Smart Connect with Webex to change Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb and other great answering rules.

How can I use my office phone on other devices?

Smart Connect with Webex is available to add on to every Commander Phone plan. It is an all-in-one app that allows you and your team to work from anywhere, with any device. It also allows you to manage your phone user settings, like call forwarding.

How do I move calls from my handset to my mobile or back the other way?

Commander Phone allows you to move the call across your devices without interruption with the simple push of a button. The call moves seamlessly between your handset and other devices using Smart Connect with Webex.

What is the Auto Receptionist?

The Commander Phone Auto Receptionist is your complimentary receptionservice. It will answer all your incoming calls and direct them to the right location. As an administrator of the Commander Phone service, you can personaliseyour welcome greeting and instruct your callers to select options, which will transfer the calls to users, departments or mobile phone numbers depending on the time or day. You can even have multiple Auto Receptionists if you need different menus in different departments.

Auto Receptionist needs to be available on your service before you can configure it in Command Central. To check if you already have it enabled log in to Command Central and click on Auto Receptionist in the Group Services panel. If you see an Auto Receptionist in the list, you can configure it.

To add it, contact us.

What is a Hunt Group?

A hunt group is a sub-group of users that you nominate to receive calls as a group of users, with the phone calls 'hunting' based on the following rules:

  • Circular – sends calls in a fixed order. The call is sent to the first available person on the list, beginning where the last call left off.
  • Regular – sends calls to users in the order listed by an administrator. Incoming calls go to the first available person on the list, always starting with the first person on the list.
  • Simultaneous – rings all the users in the group simultaneously; the first user to pick up a ringing phone is connected.
  • Uniform – as a call is completed, the user moves to the bottom of the call queue in a shuffling fashion. Th{e next incoming call goes to the user who has been idle the longest. If a user receives a call that was not directed to them through the Hunt Group, the call is not included in the receiving order for uniform calls.

The list of users is configurable in Command Central. You can add or remove users from the list or change the order in which the calls will be delivered.

To add Hunt Groups to your service, you need to Contact Us.

Can I use Commander with Webex on my mobile?

Yes. you can. The Webex App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once you have set up your Commander with Webex account, you can run the app on your iOS or Android smartphone. You will have a full-featured Commander Phone running on your smartphone.

How much data is used for a Commander Mobility call on my mobile phone's internet connection?

A Commander Phone mobility call, using your mobile internet connection will use approximately 0.750 to 1.5 MB per minute of data during the phone call. A Commander Phone mobility call using a WiFi hotspot will not use any mobile internet data.

Can I use my existing IP phones with Commander Phone?

No. Commander Phone is a high-quality voice service that has been tuned for optimal performance. The combination of the handset and the Commander Phone features work in conjunction to deliver the best experience for you and your customers.

Can I use a cordless phone?

Yes, you can. The cordless phone that is offered in the Commander Essentials plan is the Commander Cordless handset. It comes with a base station and one handset. You can purchase up to an additional 4 handsets for the base station. This represents only one phone plan.

What is Command Central?

Command Central is the web application for users and administrators to manage their services. While the Commander Phone technology runs in the Commander Cloud, you have the control to manage many aspects of the service at any time. As a user, you can change the way you want your Commander Phone service to operate, turning features on and off, updating your call forward and simultaneous ring preferences. As an Administrator, you can keep the Commander Phone system up to date with the changes in your business. People, Visible Features, Schedules, Hunt Group and Auto Receptionist configuration can all be configured through Command Central.

What is Commander with Webex

Commander with Webex is included with every Commander Phone plan. It is an all-in-one app that allows you and your team to work from anywhere, with any device.

Commander with Webex brings together calling, messaging, meeting, file and screen sharing, video meetings, whiteboarding, and more—in one elegant app, fully integrated with your office phone service

Does Commander support third party apps in Webex?

Commander will not support any third party apps installed via Webex.  Any feedback or issue you are having can be sent to .

What is Reception Central?

Reception Central is a computer-based application for receptionists in your business to better manage phone calls. Receptionist can add this application as a SMART Extra so that they can manage the distribution of phone calls via the application in addition or instead of using the handset to transfer calls.

What is involved in a Professional Install Inspection Service?

Professional Install Inspection is a SMART Extra that you can purchase where our qualified technician will check your local power and internet connection for capability to run Commander Phone. To make sure that the upcoming installation of the phones occurs without a hitch, the inspection checks that:

  • You have enough power and LAN ports to support each of the Commander Phones
  • You have enough patch cabling to each of the Commander Phone locations
  • Your Internet router's configuration is sufficient for Commander Phone
  • Your Internet service has the speed and quality to support Commander Phone

If you do not have the time or the inclination to check your environment's 'readiness' then the Commander Professional Install Inspection Service is the right service for you. Whether you choose to check your environment yourself or choose a technician to check, either need to occur before we process to the Professional Installation service.

What is involved in a Professional Installation Service?

A Professional Installation is a SMART Extra that you can purchase where our qualified technician visits your site and installs and tests the Commander Phones. The installation covers :

  • Unpacking and installing each of the Commander Phones in the required locations.
  • Testing of each of the handsets to ensure they can contact the Commander Phone servers and make phone calls.
  • Re-test your Internet service speed and quality..
  • Training of basic phone and Command Central features and functions.
  • Provision of cabling if required (extra charges apply).

If you do not have the time or the inclination to install the Commander Phones yourself, then the Commander Professional Installation service is the right choice for you.

Need help?

The Commander Phone support team is on hand to help you with any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact the team on 132 777 or [email protected] .

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