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Business Connect Call Analytics


Want to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors? Understanding your customer experience is the key to success. And despite the many different ways that we can communicate, a phone call is still the best way to instantly interact with a customer. This gives your business instant feedback to make data-informed decisions.

By leveraging your real-time Call Analytics data, you can gain valuable insights into customer interactions with your business. This functionality helps your business better understand your customers, drive performance enhancements, and effectively manage service levels. Ultimately, it will help your business maximise revenue and improve customer engagement.

Call Analytics for Business Connect


Call Analytics enables your business to monitor customer interactions, helping improve customer experience and measure individual and team performance.


Understand your customers, their expectations and their experience in dealing with your business:
  • How many customers’ calls were not answered? How long are your customers prepared to wait to be answered?
    These directly impact customer satisfaction.
  • How many customers’ calls were not answered and not subsequently called back?
    Identify trends, avoid missed opportunities and react quickly.
  • Review customer experience; was the journey from call to resolution simple or convoluted?
    Monitor call journeys in line with SLAs.
Review call performance to maximise productivity, across the business, teams and individuals:
  • Were calls into your business answered? How long does it take to answer calls? Do staff spend the right amount of time on each call and are they responding to customers appropriately
    Measure productivity and analyse performance.
  • Do customers reach the right person easily?
    Monitor call flows, the structure of your remote team and first contact resolution. Gain clarity on the customer journey and spot issues.
  • Measure the effectiveness of call groups and queues, compare groups and evaluate how calls are handled and overflowed. Manage resources to effectively handle calls within service levels.


What capabilities do Call Analytics offer?


Wallboard Example

  1. Track call activity and performance across all levels of your business, including teams, individual users, customers, and incoming numbers. By analysing trend periods in your data, you can better understand how everyone is performing and make improvements based on actual data.
  2. Establish business performance targets and measure the service level provided by your teams.
  3. Call analytics provides comprehensive insights into the end-to-end customer journey. This puts you on the offence, allowing you to implement issue fixes before they impact service quality, ensuring your business maintains high service standards.
  4. Create wallboards and put business-critical KPIs on them and share them on screens for your teams. This ensures sustained focus on performance and provides visibility of current performance levels
  5. Call analytics allows you to see missed calls. By making return phone calls, you can maximise revenue and prevent customer dissatisfaction.