What You Need to Know about a Business Phone System in Brisbane

Whether you have a basic business phone system or a sophisticated PBX, you need to know that your customers aren't going to get a busy tone when trying to call you. And while the move to using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology may change the way you make and receive calls, being reachable is as important as ever. With VoIP, the features of a PBX system are now accessible even to small businesses, with powerful cloud-based VoIP phone systems that are also affordable.

Why Use VoIP for Business

Australia's copper line network is being shut down. Not all at once, but as the nbn™ reaches new areas, businesses in those areas have up to 18 months to either move to the nbn™ and VoIP, or to use mobile for internet access and calls. A few special services will still use the old network, but this excludes most phone systems. The nbn™ rollout has already covered larger centres such as Brisbane, and if you haven't already switched to using VoIP, now would be the right time to start looking at a new nbn™ compatible phone system for your business.

WhatsApp calls, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Skype all use VoIP, so it isn't new technology, it is only being adopted more widely than before. And there are good reasons for your business to use VoIP too:

  • Affordability - You have a choice of phone systems and VoIP phone plans that can be tailored to your needs. Some plans include unlimited calls to standard local, national, and mobile numbers. And you don't need a separate nbn™ connection for your business internet and phone system; they can both use the same connection.
  • Flexibility - Aside from customising your phone system and plan to your needs, you also control how many active lines you have. It is easy to add and remove lines as needed, and most VoIP phone systems can grow with your business without having to be replaced.
  • More features - VoIP gives small businesses access to features such as hunt groups, call forwarding, auto receptionist, and music on hold through a low-cost hosted PBX solution.
  • Easy to install - With almost no installation requirements–and plug-and-play handsets–switching to a VoIP phone system won't disrupt your business. Even your current business phone numbers can be ported to the new system.

Is VoIP Reliable

VoIP is not new, so the technology has had time to improve, making it very reliable for business use. A business-grade internet connection, such as an NBN50 plan, will ensure that the quality of calls is always great. You can avoid disruptions caused by power and nbn™ outages by adding uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and a 4G backup to your system.

What Do I Need for a VoIP Phone System

To get started with migrating your business to a VoIP phone system you need to have an nbn™ connection. To be able to manage concurrent calls and normal internet activity, a plan with a maximum theoretical download speed of 50 Mbps or higher is recommended. You can then start looking at VoIP providers, the business phone systems they offer, and the phone plans available. You nbn™ and VoIP providers don't need to be the same company, though this can offer better support and even cost savings. If you sign up for either the Commander Business One Voice Plan or Business One Commander Phone Plan and add a Business One Broadband plan, your first line is free. That's a saving of $45 per month.

There are three primary types of VoIP phone systems available for Brisbane businesses:

Basic Voice System Hosted PBX System SIP Phone

A basic business phone line that uses the nbn™ for making and receiving phone calls and faxes, and can also be used for EFTPOS devices. Analogue handsets and devices must be connected to a business modem or an Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA).

Features may include1:

•    Caller ID
•    Call Transfer
•    Call Waiting
•    Call Forwarding
•    Basic Line Hunt
•    3-Way Conferencing

One basic voice plan is equivalent to one active phone line in your business. The number of concurrent calls–incoming and outgoing–you need to support decides how many plans you sign up for.

Similar features and benefits as a regular PBX system, with lower upfront and ongoing costs. The PBX system is hosted and maintained off-site by your VoIP provider. Calls can be made and received using VoIP handsets, computers (softphone feature), and mobile phones.

Features may include2:

•    Line Hunt Groups
•    Sequential Ringing
•    Simultaneous Ringing
•    Call Transfer 
•    Call Hold
•    Voicemail to Email
•    Auto Receptionist
•    Softphone Computer or Mobile App
•    Smart Call Queueing
•    Music on Hold
•    Fax2Email
•    Online Portal for system management and reports
•    And more.

One phone plan is equivalent to one active phone line in your business. The number of concurrent calls–incoming and outgoing–you need to support decides how many plans you sign up for. Minimum is one, with no upper limit.

Basic VoIP lines for an IP-enabled on-premise PBX. The features you have access to are those already supported by your current PBX.

One channel on the SIP system is equivalent to one phone line, and you need a minimum of two channels. You can add and remove channels as needed, and numbers for extensions are available in 10, 50, and 100 number ranges.

Learn more about the Commander Business One Voice Plan Learn more about the Business One Commander Phone Plan Learn more about the Commander Business One SIP Plan

1 Available features depend on what is supported by your desk and cordless handsets.
2 Some features not included as standard but are available as optional extras.

Calls can even be made from your computer or mobile phone and there are great headsets available which will be compatible with your phone system.

Battery back-ups and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) can be added to your system to keep it working through power outages if necessary. Though a new cabling system is not always required, your VoIP provider will be able to assess and advise.

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