Smart feature

Fast Reliable NBN

Fast Reliable NBN

nbn50 included with the option to upgrade your speed.

Unlimited Data

Unlimited Data

No shaping or excess charges. 

Smart Business Modem

Smart Business Modem

Instant activation with 4G Backup.

Plug & Play

Plug & Play

The Commander Business Modem configures itself when you first plug it in. 

Support Options

Support Options

Reduce NBN downtime with our Priority Network Support packages. 

Static IP Address

Static IP Address

Included with every connection. 

Business One Broadband


Unlimited Data

Business Modem with 4G Backup

NBN Business Line or Commander Phone Line

Unlimited calls to local, national
and Australian mobiles

13/1300 calls
44c per call

International calls
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Critical Information Summary

Key Fact Sheet

Min. cost over 24 months $2,335 includes $55 activation fee.

Speed upgrade $25/mth now $10/mth for the first 6 months!
Offer terms

Choose how you connect to your Broadband NBN service

business modem

Commander Business Modem

Includes instant activation with 4G Backup, keeping you connected to the Internet if your NBN goes down.


BYO Modem

BYO Modem 

If your business needs a particular modem to connect to the Internet, you can bring it with you. 
4G Backup is not included with BYO modem. 


Priority Network Support

Standard Support

A restoration target of 5PM on the next business day for NBN Broadband faults.


Priority Network Support 12

A restoration target of 12 operational hours for NBN Broadband faults. 


Priority Network Support 8

A restoration target of 8 operational hours for NBN Broadband faults. 


Why Commander for your NBN Broadband service?

Phone Line Included

Includes a Business or Commander Phone line. 

4G Backup

Instant activation with 4G Backup for greater piece of mind. 

Price Certainty

No excess charges or shaping thanks to unlimited data.


What networks do we use?

Commander Fixed Phone and Data services are delivered over own network or where our network is not available, using wholesale services supplied to us by Telstra.
Commander fibre services are delivered over own network or where our network is not available using the NBN Co Ltd fibre network, Opticomm and Redtrain.
Commander IP Voice services are delivered over own network.
Commander 4G Backup services are delivered using the Optus 4G and 3G/HSDPA GSM networks, subject to network availability.

What is Priority Network Support?

Priority Network Support is a value-added service provided on our nbn™ plans. With Priority Network Support you receive a dedicated onboarding experience and enhanced restoration times on any of our nbn™ plans. This service is highly recommended for businesses that have critical data needs and require a high level of support.

  Priority Network Support 8 Priority Network Support 12 Standard Support
Restoration target^ 8 coverage hours 12 coverage hours Next Business day (5pm)*
Coverage hours Mon-Fri 8am-12am
Sat 8am-5pm AEST
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm AEST

*If reported during coverage hours. ^If restoration target is not met, the monthly fee for Priority Network Support is refunded. NOTE: Priority Network Support only covers the nbn service and all other bundled services are not included. If you already have Priority Network Support with us and want to log a nbn fault, then please call 132 777.

nbn support in urban areas

What is the 4G Backup?

Delivered over a mobile broadband service, 4G Backup lets you access the Internet and make/receive IP Voice calls (in line with your plan’s inclusions) when your fixed Internet connection has failed or is waiting to be activated.

What is the Business Modem?

The Business Modem is Commander-supplied hardware that supports Internet connectivity and includes capability to make/receive IP Voice calls over a broadband network. The modem automatically configures upon connection to the Commander network and includes a built-in SIM to enable 4G backup access to Internet, when your primary fixed connection is not available.

What do I have to do to connect to the nbn with Commander?

Once you have signed up with Commander we will co-ordinate your activation. If the nbn isn't currently at your address, we will arrange for an nbn co technician to get you connected.  If you have selected to use our Business Modem, one will be sent out for you.  You can also add Office Phones to your order, our hardware is easily self-installed or you can have it professional installed at a charge.