Business One Commander Phone



Commander Phone is a hosted PBX phone service which is delivered via your Internet connection. It is feature rich and allows you to transfer calls, set up hunt groups, put calls on hold and much more. Handsets are not included and can be added for additional charges.Commander is responsible in supplying these services to our customers and we have no other affiliation or relationship with our wholesalers outside of our wholesale agreements. In the event of a power outage, your Commander Phone services will not work unless you maintain a back-up battery solution. This service has a 1-month, 24-month, 36-month or 60-month minimum term applicable. 


Commander Phone Business One Commander Phone
Contract Term Month to Month 24 Month 36 Month 60 Month
Minimum Monthly Access Fee $45 $45 $42 $40
Minimum Cost $45 $1,080 $1,512 $2,400
Standard Local Calls Included
National Calls to Standard Fixed Lines Included
Calls to Standard Australian Mobiles Included
13/1300 Calls 44c per call
Commander to Commander Calls FREE CALLS made from your Business one Commander Phone service to any other office phone or mobile service on the same Commander account. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No connection fee applies.
International Calls

Please visit:

For details of charges for usage types that are not listed, please contact Customer Service on 132 777.


1, 24,36 & 60 Months



The Business One Commander Phone Plan can be bundled with a Business One Broadband Plan to receive a bundle discount. You are eligible for a Business One Commander Phone Plan for $0 for every Business One Broadband Plan you keep active. This is delivered via a $15, $12 or $10 bundle discount on your Commander Phone Plan. Only one discount applies per Business One Broadband plan.

If you cancel your Business One Broadband Plan, transfer it away or change it to a different NBN plan, you will lose the $15, $12 or $10 (contract dependant) discount and start paying the full price for the Business One Commander Phone Plan.

You will also receive a discount if you bundle more than 5 Business One voice services together on the same account. If you maintain between 5 and 9 active Business One voice services, you will receive $5 off each fully charged service. If you maintain more than 10 active Business One voice services, you will receive $10 off every fully charged service. This offer is applicable across Commander Phone, Commander SIP and NBN Business Line services. If the number of active Commander voice services falls below the minimum threshold of 5 or 10 services, the applicable discount is removed and services charged at the full rate.


For information about your current usage levels log into “My and Account’ at


Payment by Credit Card or Direct Debit from a bank account does not incur additional fees or charges. Additional charges apply for other payment methods. For details, see your invoice, our Schedule of Fees & Charges on our website terms, or contact us on 132 777.


You are required to install any equipment (such as Commander Phone handsets or Commander Business Modems) that you purchase with your Commander services. You are also responsible for any associated cabling, network configuration and any routers and/or switches within your network to allow the services to work.


You can use the service via our desktop Soft Phone app on Mac or PC without paying anything extra. Commander provides a range of handsets for additional fees. Contact us for more information about our handsets.

Handset Upfront Fee 24 Month Repayment Option













If you use this service in conjunction with the Commander Business Modem and a Commander Internet service on the same account, our 4G Backup feature is enabled free of charge. 4G Backup enables you to make and receive calls over the mobile network, in the event of a service interruption or network outage on your primary Commander Internet service. For more information


Services may not be available to all areas, premises or customers. If we are unable to connect all your requested services, we will attempt to contact you to discuss further options first or, if we can’t contact you after making reasonable attempts, we will cancel your order.

You must inform us if the service is intended to be used in conjunction with a disability or medical service, back to base alarm or is intended to carry data services such as Fax, EFTPOS or HiCaps. These services may not be supported or may require an alternative service or additional equipment.

Calls to some International destinations are blocked by default due to high risk of fraud. You may arrange with Commander to unblock these destinations, upon accepting full responsibility for payment for any calls from your service makes to these destinations.


We are dedicated to excellence in servicing our customers and have lots of ways for you to keep in touch:


If for some reason you are not satisfied with the service we provide, please let us know so we can do our best to fix it. If you feel that we were unable to resolve your issue to your satisfaction, please visit

If you are still not satisfied with the steps taken by Commander to resolve your issue, you can seek assistance from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO).

The TIO will only investigate complaints if you have already attempted to resolve your issue with Commander and is an option of last resort. Contact the TIO by visiting or by calling 1800 062 058.


Commander’s Standard Form of Agreement & Acceptable Use Policy set out the terms & conditions on which we provide our products & services. See for full terms.