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The Commander Enterprise Ethernet is an Unlimited symmetrical Internet service, it is direct fibre from the end user premises back to the nbn® network. Commander is responsible in supplying these services to our customers and we have no other affiliation or relationship with our wholesalers outside of our wholesale agreements. In the event of a power outage, your Commander Enterprise Ethernet services will not work unless you maintain a back-up battery.



nbn® Speed Tier 100/100 250/250 500/500 1000/10001 100/100 250/250 500/500 1000/10001
CBD Zone1/2/3
Pre-paid Monthly Access Fee $420 $440 $560 $840 $570 $590 $710 $990
Min. Cost over 36 mth term $15,120 $15,840 $20,160 $30,240 $20,520 $21,240 $25,560 $35,640
Data Allowance Unlimited
Class of Service Low CoS
Included Data Unlimited
Enhanced Service Level Agreements Priority Network Support 12 Included
Fibre Build Cost Price dependent as per service qualification – Quote will be provided

All Prices in this summary are GST Inclusive
1Due to nbn® equipment and network limitations actual speeds may not reach this bandwidth, the actual speed is capped at 952Mbps.



36 Month

Service Exit Costs apply if you cancel a service within a Minimum Contract Term. Service Exit Costs are calculated as $90 plus any charges passed through from nbn Co. that pertain to the Fibre build. You will also be charged the sum of any remaining hardware associated with the cancelled service.





You can request to change your speed requirements at any time throughout your contract. Downgrade fee may apply.



For information about current usage levels contact our friendly customer service team on 13 2777.



Payment by Direct Debit from a bank account does not incur additional fees or charges. Additional charges apply for other payment methods. For details, see your invoice, our Schedule of Fees & Charges on our website, or contact us on 132 777.



You will be required to manage and source a compatible router or firewall at your premises, it is your responsibility to configure and maintain this hardware. Commander will assist as best we can, but ultimately you are responsible for this hardware.

Please note that support is only available for Commander provided modems. It's your responsibility to ensure your BYO modem is compatible with the nbn® service you have selected, or you may not be able to achieve plan speeds. A 240-volt power supply is required.


nbn® Speed

The nbn speed tier refers to the wholesale speed tiers provided to us by NBN Co Ltd. These speed tiers have a theoretical maximum attainable speed by the NBN connection at the highest transmission rate of the nbn network made possible by the technology. For more information on NBN speed tiers is available at rmation/enterprise-ethernet/speed.

The actual speeds that you experience can be slower than the theoretical due to a few factors within your business (Local-Area-Network (LAN)):

  • Wi-Fi connection to your router rather than via an Ethernet LAN cable
  • The number of simultaneous users accessing the local network and/or internet service at any one time
  • Quality and condition of any internal data cabling
  • Performance and configuration of your network equipment
  • The use of Proxy software installed or VPN on your end device(s) or network equipment.

Class Of Service (CoS)

Commander supports Low CoS, this delivers traffic as Excess Information Rate (EIR) and as such is “best efforts” More information on the CoS can be found at


Service Availability

Not available in all areas, subject to a service qualification. Fibre build costs may apply.


Service Relocations

The service will need to be available at the new location. Service Exit Costs will be applied unless a new contract is signed for new location.

You are liable for all setup costs and fibre build contribution at the new location. Call us on 132 777 to discuss options.


Cancellation Fees for In-flight Orders

Fees vary depending on the current phase of your order: Planning phase, Design Phase, Build/Predelivery phase, these charges can be found on our Schedule of Fees & Charges on our website


Priority Network Support (PNS)

If Commander and nbn® are unable to restore a fault within the hours allocated, you will be credited your plan fee for Priority Network Support for that month.

Priority Network Support Options Hours Allocated Monthly Access Fee (Inc. GST)
Priority Network Support 12 12 Included
Priority Network Support 8 8 $100


Contact Details

We are dedicated to excellence in servicing our customers and have lots of ways for you to keep in touch:


Complaint Handling

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the service we provide, please let us know so we can do our best to fix it. If you feel that we were we are unable to resolve your issue to your satisfaction, please visit

If you are still not satisfied with the steps taken by Commander to resolve your issue, you can seek assistance from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO).

The TIO will only investigate complaints if you have already attempted to resolve your issue with Commander and is an option of last resort. Contact the TIO by visiting or by calling 1800 062 058.


Online Saftey

The eSafety Commissioner provides a range of educational material about staying safe online:
A range of certified Family Friendly Filters can be found on the Communications Alliance website:


Full Terms

Commander’s Standard Form of Agreement & Acceptable Use Policy set out the terms & conditions on which we provide our products & services. See for full terms.