Using Commander Phone Remotely

Using your commander phone at home

One of the great things about Commander Phone is it can work over any internet connection. This means that you can bring your Commander Phone handset home, plug it into the back of your modem and plug the DC 5 volt power supply into your handset. After it restarts it will work as if you are in the office. 

Commander Phone should work on most home internet services without needing to make any changes. If you encounter problems, you could try some of the below solutions or try using our mobile or desktop apps. 

  1. I’m getting one-way communication, for example I can hear the caller, but they can’t hear me.
    This can be because your modem settings need to change, and usually happens when you’re using a different internet provider. We’ve got a guide here on what settings you may need to change in your modem. If you don’t know how to access your modem settings and the guide can’t help, you’ll need to chat with your internet service provider. 
  2.  Call quality is jittery.
    If you or the person you’re calling is having trouble hearing properly and the line seems jittery, it may be that your internet bandwidth is struggling to keep up. This can happen if you have a lot of data going through your broadband connection at one time. Try reducing the number of devices connected to your wifi, or switching off Netflix and other data hungry applications on your computer, tablet or TV. 

Using the mobile app

You can use the Commander Phone Unified Calling app, Android and Apple iOS phones to make and receive calls using your office phone number. We will not be charging the usual fee of $4.95 per month from 30 March to 28 February 2021 and have now given all Commander Phone customers access to the app. 

The app works over Wi-Fi or mobile connections (your normal data charges will apply) and allows you to still receive calls on your mobile number while you’re using your office number. 

You will need your Commander Phone username and password to set up the app. You can find details on how to obtain your username and password below.  

The mobile app is available from the App Store or Google Play

To set up the app, follow the instructions in this guide.

Using the PC or Mac Soft Phone Client

The Commander Phone Unified Calling app is also available for Windows and Apple Mac computers. This is already included in your Commander Phone service at no charge. You can use your computer speaker and microphone or plug in a headset if you have one. 

You will need your Commander Phone username and password to use the app. You can find details on how to obtain your username and password below . 

You can download the desktop client for Mac here , and for Windows here

To set up the app, follow the instructions in the Mac  or PC  user guides. 

Diverting your calls

If your Commander Phone plan has unlimited local, national and mobile calls (plans bought after February 2019), you can divert to any local, national or mobile number and won’t be charged diversion costs. If you need to divert to an international number, you will incur international call charges, which can be found here .

Commander Phone plans in market prior to February 2019 included local and national calls, however mobile calls were charged at 25c per minute. If you bought your plan before February 2019 we recommend checking your plan’s call inclusions before diverting calls.

Call diversion can be set up in one of two ways. 

1.    Diverting from your handset

To divert calls from your Commander Phone Handset, follow this easy guide

2.    Divert using Command Central

Command Central is the online administration portal for your Commander Phone services. Your administrator can use Command Central to configure a variety of features on your services, including call diversions.

If you don’t know your Command Central administrator login details, see the section below on finding your username and password. 

To log into Command Central, click here

For information about setting up diversions in Command Central, follow this guide

Where to find your Commander Phone password

When you first signed up to Commander Phone we sent you an email with your Commander Phone Administration Details. It contained a username and password for both your administrator account and your individual services. To log into the Soft Phone Client through the mobile or desktop apps, you need the password/s for your individual services. The email was from “Commander Phone Team” and the subject was “Commander Phone – Your administrator details”. 

If you’ve changed your password/s since then, you should have the details you need. If you can’t find that email or you don’t know your password, your administrator can reset your Commander Phone password/s in Command Central, our Commander Phone administration portal. 

If you don’t have your administrator password for Command Central, you can reset it from the email we sent you on the 30th of March 2020. You can then change your new password using this guide

Find details about how to reset individual Commander Phone passwords in Command Central here

Log in to Command Central here

For anything not covered here, visit support or contact us.