18th April 2023

Whether you realise it or not, your daily life is already being impacted in some way by AI.

Think Google Maps, chatbots, autocorrect, facial recognition and recommendation algorithms—all different forms of AI that most of us use on the daily. AI is something that most of us wouldn’t have thought much about until the recent release of ChatGPT, which has taken the world by storm. As a result, AI is now a topic that everyone is talking about.

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But what is ChatGPT? It’s an AI-powered chatbot. Basically, it means you can ask it a question, and it will answer your question. What sets ChatGPT apart from other chatbots is that it’s trained to learn what humans mean they ask a question. It is powered by a Large Language Model (LLM) that uses deep learning techniques and HUGE quantities of data to understand, summarise, generate and predict new content. The more data it’s trained on, the better it is at producing new content.

How can this help your business? ChatGPT can assist you with tasks such as composing emails, headlines, articles and even code! Additionally, it can translate text, summarise bodies of copy into shorter and more manageable paragraphs and give recommendations.

And if the hype is true, ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionise how we work and operate online.

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The platform has elicited a mix of responses, with worry and relief being the most common. According to a recent Harris Data Poll conducted on behalf of Fortune.com, 40% of workers were worried that ChatGPT would replace their jobs completely. So, how can employees compete against ChatGPT?

When looking for an answer to this question, it felt only fitting to ask ChatGPT for the answer. In response, it said: “As an AI language model, I am designed to assist and support human users, not to replace them. While I am capable of performing a wide range of tasks related to natural language processing, there are still many tasks that require human skills and judgement, such as empathy, creativity, and critical thinking.

Moreover, I am just a tool that can be used by individuals and businesses to improve productivity, efficiency, and customer service. Ultimately, the decision to adopt and use AI technologies like me is up to humans, and they can decide how to best integrate these technologies into their workflows and processes.

So, instead of replacing your job, I am here to help you do your job better by providing you with relevant information, insights, and suggestions.”

It’s understandable that many businesses and employees will be cautious about the adoption of ChatGPT. However, working with emerging AI technologies, rather than ignoring them, could be the key to optimising your time, leaving space to focus on tasks that will further your business or your role.

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Regardless of the industry or profession you work in, AI can help you. One of the key ways ChatGPT can assist is by summarising information. If you’re having difficulty understanding a topic and don’t have the time to go through countless articles to get the answer, ChatGPT will provide you with a quick, precise and easy-to-understand synopsis. By no means is this an invitation to cut and paste, as this can result in a copyright violation. However, it can be helpful if you need a condensed explanation of a particular topic.

Another way AI can save you time and aid your business performance is by assisting with repetitive tasks such as data entry, customer service and inventory management. One of the main advantages of AI systems like ChatGPT is that they can quickly and accurately process massive amounts of data, something the human brain isn’t capable of. It’s the mundane and repetitive tasks that we often don’t want to spend our time on where AI can support us most. This enables humans to focus on more complex, creative and rewarding tasks.

AI systems are also beneficial in the way that they minimise errors and mistakes. They can help eliminate human error, saving your business time and money. The most common human error in data collection is collecting improper or insufficient data. Incorrect calculations and formulas and bias analysis are two of the main issues that AI can help combat.

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Although we’ve focused mainly on the benefits, there are disadvantages to using AI technologies. Lack of originality, decreased creativity, AI bias and lack of emotion are all factors to consider when using AI alone to create content or copy without human intervention or editing.

Undeniably, AI technologies will become more frequently used in the coming decade. So, why not take advantage of this now? Get ahead of your competition by testing and learning how AI systems can aid your business now.

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