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No matter what technology you have at your premises we have you covered with our simple Business Line plans.  You’ll get a set monthly fee with lots of built-in value and the choice of plan that best suits your business needs. Plus, you can use your existing office phone service or activate a new service with Commander.

Plans over 24 months

Business Line Calling

Business smarts

If you mostly call other business phones then this plan is the smart plan for you. Pay a low cost monthly fee and only pay extra for calls to mobile phones. 

  • Local Calls = included 
  • National Calls = included
  • Mobile Calls = 39c per min
  • 13/1300 Calls = 44c per call



Business Line Premium

You mean business

You make a lot of calls, including to mobiles, so you need a plan that gives you unlimited calls. Pay a monthly fee and you’re covered.

  • Local Calls = Included
  • National Calls = Included
  • Mobile Calls = Included
  • 13/1300 Calls = Included

additional lines $55


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