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Total Min. Cost over 12 months $420


Total Min. Cost over 12 months $540

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Inclusions & Other Charges Navigation Show below Hide below

Inclusions Value Usage Value
National Calls to:
  • Fixed & Mobile Services
  • 13 & 1300 Numbers
  • 1800 Numbers
Voicemail Deposits & Retrievals Unlimited
Call Forward Unlimited
National SMS Unlimited
National MMS Unlimited
International SMS Unlimited
International MMS Unlimited
Data (within Australia) Plan dependent – see above
International Minutes (from within Australia) Plan dependent – see above
Other Usage Charge
Data Excess Usage $10 per 1GB (Automatic Data Top Ups)
National Video Calls $0.40 flagfall, plus $1 per minute
National Directory Assistance $0.50 per call
International Directory Assistance $1.10 per call
Premium Number Services Pass Through Charge as per costs from 3rd Party Provider
International Roaming Click here for country charges by zone

The Fine Print Navigation Show below Hide below

  1. Network: Service is delivered over the Optus 4G & 3G mobile network. 4G & 3G coverage is not available in all areas and will vary depending on your device and location. Check coverage at Mobile Coverage.
  2. Monthly Access Fee: Is charged in advance and is the minimum amount you pay each month, regardless of your usage. Monthly Access Fees and Inclusions are subject to a pro rata calculation in your first month of activation and expire at the end of each billing period.
  3. Inclusions: All call and data inclusions are for use whilst located in Australia only and expire after each billing period. Commander’s Acceptable Use Policy applies to all inclusions.
  4. Unlimited Inclusions: Your plan includes unlimited calls to Australian fixed lines, mobiles & 13/1300/1800 Numbers, Voicemail Deposits/Retrievals, Call Forward (within Australia) and unlimited SMS/MMS to Australian and International numbers. Any usage types not listed as included are excluded.
  5. Included Data: Included and Automatic Data Top Up data are all shared across CorePlus mobiles on the same account. You must contact us if you do not want data to be shared between mobiles (results in a separate billing account). Data access is subject to device compatibility, network capabilities & customer location.
  6. Excess Data: If you use all included plan or shared data, your account will be automatically topped up with 1GB blocks of data, charged $10/1GB. There is no limit on the number of Automatic Data Top Ups. Unused top up data expires each month and is not refundable or transferable. Check your usage at My Account.
  7. Bonus International Minutes: Includes International calls to 58 selected countries only: American Samoa, Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea South, Kuwait, Lithuania, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, Mariana Is., Martinique, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, US Virgin Is., United States of America.
  8. Excluded Usage: Any usage types not listed as included are charged at applicable rates detailed above or available upon request. Unless otherwise stated, calls are charged in one (1) minute increments.
  9. Usage Alerts: Are not real-time and delays of up to 48 hours may be experienced.
  10. Discounts: Mobile Bundle Discounts apply per mobile/per month, when you sign up to a 12-month CorePlus mobile plan and bundle with an eligible Business Phone or Broadband plan on the same account. Contact us for more information on eligibility criteria.
  11. Minimum Term: CorePlus SIM Only plans are available on a 12-month minimum term only.
  12. Mobile Handsets can be purchased separately from Commander, either outright or with a Monthly Repayment Option (MRO), linked to a 24-month CorePlus plan.
  13. Total Minimum Cost (TMC): Coreplus plan’s Monthly Access Fee multiplied by the minimum term (12 months). Displayed TMCs do not include Bundle Discounts, Handset MROs, optional Value Add Services or usage charges not eligible for plan inclusions.
  14. Early Termination Fee: 50% of the Monthly Access Fee multiplied by the months remaining in the contract term at time of cancellation, plus any outstanding monthly handset payments (if applicable).
  15. Value Add Services: International Direct Dialled call rates from a Commander mobile service, are available from Customer Service upon request (132 777). International Roaming is barred on activation. Voicemail is provisioned automatically on activation. If a Voicemail box is not used for a period of 120 days or longer it may be deleted by the Network Carrier, together with any messages still in the Voicemail box.
  16. Terms: Commander’s Standard Form of Agreement applies, available at Customer Terms.
  17. Pricing correct as of 1st November 2018. Commander is a registered trademark of M2 Commander Pty Limited, ABN 85 136 950 082.
  18. Critical Information Summaries.