Information about Alerts & Monitoring Your Usage Levels

Commander Usage Alerts are designed to help you manage your usage and spend so you have peace of mind when your next bill arrives.

Usage Alerts are sent to you via SMS and/or email once you've reached 50%, 85% and 100% of each of your plan’s included allowances for calls/text/data. Note: alerts may not include calls or SMS to overseas numbers or usage outside Australia.

For plans which allow data inclusions to be shared with eligible services, alerts are sent once 50%, 85% and 100% of the total Shared Data allowance has been reached.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I received an alert about my Mobile or Mobile Broadband usage?

To help you keep track of your usage and control excess usage charges, we automatically send alerts to your phone via SMS and/or email as you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of your plan’s included call/text/data allowances.

I've reached 100% of my data allowance. What happens now?

If you have used more than 100% of your data allowance, excess usage charges will apply. Please review your plan’s Critical Information Summary for applicable excess usage charges.

For charges applicable to older plans, please refer to your rate sheet or contact Customer Service on 132 777.

How can I avoid excess usage charges?

In order to avoid excess usage charges in the future you may choose to upgrade to one of our plans with more included value. View our current plans:

Mobile Plans
Mobile Broadband Plans
Internet Plans

To further discuss if you are on the right plan for your usage, speak to a consultant by calling 132 777.

What other options are available to monitor my usage?

You can check your usage online at any time by visiting Take Command or call us on 132 777.

Go to Ways to manage your mobile data consumption.

Are usage alerts in real-time?

Alerts are not generated in real-time therefore a delay of up to 48 hours may occur. For this reason we recommend that you should not solely rely on these alerts as a means of monitoring your usage or avoiding excess usage charges.

Do I pay anything to receive usage alerts?

Usage alerts are free and there is no need to register for this service. Alerts are sent automatically for most plans with included value.

Can I opt out / stop receiving SMS Usage Alerts?

Yes, whilst we do recommend the use of alerts, you can opt-out of receiving SMS Usage Alerts by calling us on 132 777.