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$0* fibre build costs

Your business may be exempt from fibre connection costs with $0 installation* now available for 90% of locations where business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet is available.1  Call our team today to see if you’re eligible on 137090.

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Things you need to know

1If applicable, fibre build installation and hardware fees will be charged separately. 

*$0 Installation. For 90% of locations and subject to a service qualification (SQ). Fibre build costs may apply. SQ will provide availability of $0 installation eligibility. Not available in all areas. nbn may amend or introduce a Fibre Build Cost (FBC) and notify you prior to the commencement of the build phase. More information on the FBC Only available when signing up to a 36-month or 60-month agreement and remaining connected to the service from Commander for the full term. 

Welcome credit eligibility. You must sign and return the Business Application Form to your Commander Representative before 31 December 2023. The Commander Enterprise Ethernet service must be activated by 31 March 2024. Welcome credit is only available to customers taking up a new Commander Enterprise Ethernet service. The welcome credit will appear on your bill following service activation. You are authorised to request the connection of the nbn service/s set out in this application. 

Service Delivery.  The service can take up to 50 days minimum to be installed, and Amended Fibre Build Costs may apply. You will require access to a domestic AC 240v socket and power supply for the powering of the nbn™ Business Network Termination Device (BNTD) or other supplier equipment. You will be responsible for the cost of power used by the unit. In the event of a power outage, your service will not work unless you maintain a backup battery. nbn reserves its rights to cancel an eligible order on the basis that it reasonably determines it is not viable to proceed with the order, e.g., due to the unforeseen complexity of proceeding with an order at the premises. An nbn® technician may need to install hardware and cabling at your premise to activate your service. By agreeing to receive our service, you authorise nbn to proceed with this work. Any cabling that is required in your premises beyond the Network Boundary Point (NBP) is your responsibility. More information on the NBP If you are renting your premises, you will also need to obtain your landlord's consent before proceeding. An nbn® Professional Install is different to Commander Professional Install. It’s a service provided by nbn to connect your property to the nbn network. For charges, see the Schedule of Fees and Charges at If you cancel prior to the service being delivered, nbn® will charge cancellation fees, these can be found on our Schedule of Fees and Charges at The Service. Commander Enterprise Ethernet is Class of Service - Low; this delivers traffic as Excess Information Rate (EIR) and, as such, is “best efforts”, it has been designed for use within a single premise. The use of this service is prohibited to facilitate the provision of broadband to multiple premises. A practical example of this is when ordering the service to a communications cabinet at a multi-premises site (such as an apartment building, shopping centre, business park, or residential/retirement village) and using that service to facilitate the provision of broadband to multiple premises within that multi-premises site. If you have selected the 1000/1000 speed tier, due to equipment and network limitations, actual speeds may not reach this bandwidth, the actual speed is capped at 952Mbps on the nbn® network. If you have selected Priority Network Support, the target rectification timelines only apply to the restoration of the underlying business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet service and not other services like your phone lines. If you cancel within your contract term, we may charge you an amount of up to $5,500 to recover the discounted installation fee. Any charges relating to FBC and BNTD are calculated separately and may apply. Commander limits the extent of support for BYO gateway/routers to best efforts due to the flexibility the service offers users. It is not feasible or practicable for Commander to offer technical support other than on a best-effort basis. Whilst the BYO service is designed to allow users to bring their own device, under no circumstances does Commander offer any guarantee or assurance that all BYO devices will be compatible and function with the service provided by Commander. Support available is at a network level. You are responsible for your router/gateway configuration to ensure traffic is shaped/routed correctly to optimise your internet experience.