Fibre Connect Process

Congratulations! We’re processing your fibre upgrade order.

So, what happens now? Here are the steps involved in the process of getting your fibre upgraded:

  1. An nbn™ technician will come out to your premises to upgrade your fibre connection. You will receive an email or SMS with the appointment details. Please note: the time can be rescheduled if it doesn’t suit you.
  2. nbn™ technicians may need to come to your premises more than once, depending on the complexity of the upgrade. If they need access to your premises again, we’ll set up another appointment with you.
  3. If your upgrade includes new equipment (such as a modem or Wi-Fi booster), we will ship these to you. You will receive an email from us with the tracking details, so you know they are on the way.
  4. On the day of the appointment, your nbn™ technician will help you choose the best location to install the upgraded equipment. To get the most out of your upgrade and your business nbn™ service, you will need to advise the nbn™ technician of the following:
    • Where your current internet-connected devices (computers, phones, printers, etc.) are located within the premises.
  5. Based on step 4, the technician will advise the best location to install the new equipment. This decision will also be based on H&S requirements.

Fibre upgrades use different access technology to what was previously installed at your premises. As a result, it may not be possible to install the new equipment in the same location as existing equipment.

What equipment will be installed?

Network Equipment for Fibre Upgrade

Battery Backup is optional.

Equipment location requirements

Equipment Location Requirements for FTTP Upgrade

The nbn™ technician will work to the following specifications when installing the new equipment:

  • fibre will be safely and efficiently run from the nbn utility box on the exterior of the premises to the nbn™ connection box inside the premises
  • the exterior nbn™ utility box is to be installed at the front of the premises, ideally in a location closest to the nbn™ fibre infrastructure on the street
  • the interior nbn™ connection box will be installed in a front area of the premises, as close as possible to the nbn™ utility box wherever possible
  • equipment will be installed on the inside surface of an external wall, except in specific situations*
  • equipment will be installed within 3m of an existing power outlet (or 1.8m if battery backup is requested)**
  • equipment will be installed in a safe location away from hazards, including busy areas where equipment is likely to be knocked and damaged
  • equipment will be installed in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight (wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are not suitable)
  • equipment will not be installed in a separate, freestanding building (such as a garage, shed or office
  • equipment is to be installed no higher than 1.8m to the top of the device from the finished floor level, with clearances of at least 100mm on all sides
  • equipment needs to be accessible for troubleshooting and port access
  • due to the flashing lights on the nbn™ connection box, bedroom installations are not advised.

Installation on internal walls is only possible if the location does not present any H&S issues and the pathway to nbn™ equipment is accessible:

  • underneath the premises
  • from the roof space
  • via internal wall cavities (excluding work through noggins)
  • surface mounted ducting/conduit (where you have approved this.

Examples of H&S issues considered as part of the assessment when accessing underneath the premises or the roof space include:

  • restricted access—is there sufficient room for the technician to conduct the activity?
  • obstructions—ducting, rubbish, household goods
  • health hazards—asbestos, rodents, wasps, snakes.

The mains’ power must be isolated/switched off and tagged out before the technician can access underneath the premises or the roof space. Even when the roof or underfloor space is accessible, the visible identification of services (power, gas, water etc.) will need to be assessed by the technician to ensure any work can occur safely.

Please note: The nbn™ technician will need you to confirm and for you to sign off on the location of the interior nbn™ connection box.

  1. We will send you an email/SMS notification once your service is active so you know when you can plug in your equipment so you can use your new FTTP connection to access the Internet.

*For this program, nbn considers internal walls as non-standard installations, and internal walls will only be considered as a location if all options to install on external walls have been exhausted.
**nbn technicians do not install power outlets. nbn recommends connecting directly to a power outlet if possible. If the agreed nbn connection box installation location is not within the required distance from an existing power outlet (3m without battery back-up, 1.8m if battery back-up is ordered), it’s the responsibility of the end customer to engage a qualified/licensed electrician to install a new power outlet.