Best Offer Notification - VIC & (NSW Concession Card Holders) Only

We want to make sure our Commander electricity customers know they have the best deal with us. How do we do that?

  1. We look at your previous energy usage. We confirm what your actual or estimated electricity usage was over the past 12 months.
  2. We predict what your future energy usage will be. Using your previous usage, we predict what your electricity usage will be going forward.
  3. We calculate if you can save money by switching to a different Commander plan. We calculate how much you’ll be paying on your current plan, versus our other available plans.
  4. We tell you about it. If we have a better offer for you, or if you’re on the best offer available, we’ll let you know. We’ll do this for every electricity bill.

It’s our way of making energy more affordable for you.

For more information, or if you’ve seen a notification letting you know about a better offer for you, call us on 133 914, Monday – Friday 10am – 7pm, AEST.