Free mobile app until 28th february 2021, commander is giving access to the commander phone mobile app for all commander phone customers until 28th February 2021, the app lets customers make and receive phone calls as if they were in the office.



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Colour Screen desk phone. Unlimited Standard local, national and mobile calls with price certainty for peace of mind.

Total minimum cost $1080 over 24 months

Explore our Office Phone plans

Being a dedicated small business specialist, we have design our Phone plans to suit your business needs. We support you with:

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Smart Features

Big phone system features at a fraction of the price.

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Price certainty

With local, national and mobile calls included in your plan bill shock will be a thing of the past.

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NBN ready

Future proof your business with seamless transition to the NBN.

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Soft phone
  • Desktop App to make and receive calls without the need of hardware
  • Unlimited Standard local, national and mobile calls
Total minimum cost $696 over 24 months
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Make and receive calls on your laptop or mobile

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Smart Features

All plans include the following smart features:

HUNT Group ?Sends incoming calls to the first available line with in a group of specified numbers.
SIMULTANEOUS Ring ?You can choose which phones ring when a call is coming in on your main number
SEQUENTIAL Ring ?Specified phones will ring one after the other until the call is answered
VOICE2EMAIL ?Receive Voice messages as a file with in your email for convenience and storage purposes
CALL Transfer ?Transfer an existing call in or out of your group
AUTO Receptionist ?Automatic call attendant which answers and directs calls to a relevant person based on your setup (Press 1 for sales etc.)
CUSTOMER Call Forwarding ?Manage how you want to direct your incoming calls
3 WAY CONFERENCE CALL ?Add a third party to an existing call

Smart Extras

Value added service at an additional charge with no lock in period

Mobile App
$4.95 Free until 28 FEBRUARY 2021

Take your service away from the office with the Smart UC Mobile App

Cloud Q

Up to 25 calls can be Queued if your main line is busy. Turn it off and on as you need it. RECEPTION Central

Reception Central

Your receptionist will be able to direct call straight from their computer