Rate Changes in Victoria

On January 1, 2020 the electricity rates in Victoria will change.  The solar tariff and account transaction fees remain unchanged.

Why are my rates changing?
Energy charges comprise of the following 

Network charges Wholesale energy costs Renewable energy schemes Retail costs

This is a charge from the Distributors to recover the network costs (both, distribution and transmission) of delivering energy to your premises 

Is the cost Commander Power & Gas incurs to purchase energy from the wholesale market    

These are costs under federal and state schemes to support renewable energy    

Costs related to managing your accounts, billing, customer services and compliance. 


The main reason for this rate change has been an increase to network and wholesale costs.  Each year, we review whether your energy rates need to change to incorporate the costs associated with supplying you energy.

Electricity customers on the Victorian Default Offer (VDO) rates – the Victorian Default Offer rates are reviewed and set by the Essential Services Commission every year, effective January 1st.

What are the new rates?

Existing customers – we have sent you an email or letter outlining the changes to your electricity plan.  The new rates will appear on the first bill issued to you from January 1, 2020.

Will this impact both, residential and small business customers?

This rates changes affects Victorian customers, both residential and small business.

Are account transaction fees changing?

No.  there are no changes to the fees and charges. 

Will the solar feed in tariff change?

There is no change to the solar feed in tariff.

Is there any change to the GreenPower prices?

No.  There is no change to the cost of GreenPower.

What if I have difficulty paying my next bill?

If you know you are going to have difficulty paying your next bill, talk to us earlier rather than later as we have a range of options to assist you.  If you usually pay your bill by direct debit, it is important that you notify us at least three days before your payment is due to avoid a dishonor fee should there be insufficient funds to pay the amount due.  

How can I reduce my electricity costs?

There are a range of helpful services offered by Commander Power and Gas including :

  • Reviewing your offer – we’ll let you know every 3 months if your current plan is right for you or if you could be better off on one of our other generally available offers.
  • View our energy saving tips – effective ways to save energy and money.


Who can I contact if I need more information?

For further information or assistance, contact our friendly Customer Care team on 13 39 14, Monday - Friday between 8am and 7pm AEST.