Payment Assistance Summary Advice (Financial Hardship)

At Commander, we understand that financial circumstances can change, making it difficult to pay your energy bill on time. That's why we’re committed to making sure you have access to our support options, including our Energy Assistance Program (Hardship Policy).

Our Energy Assistance Program (Hardship Policy) is primarily available to our active residential customers. On a case-by-case basis , we may also provide access to our small business customers, and our non-active customers.

The Energy Assistance Program (Hardship Policy) will require both yourself and Commander to participate and work together towards the goal of energy affordability.

We know everyone’s situation is different, so we want to provide you with flexible options that suit you. Here are some of the things we’ll do to get you back on track.

What will we do?

We aim to identity our customers who we believe may be finding it difficult to pay their energy bill. If a customer independently advises us that they may be facing difficulties we’ll assist them through the Energy Assistance Program (Hardship Policy).

We’ll work to help you lower your costs and ask you to identify changes in your finances to increase repayments over a period. We take scheduled payment instalments via your preferred payment method, so we will incorporate these within the payment arrangement or make a separate agreement for any arrears you might have.

What Commander offers customers through the Energy Assistance Program (Hardship Policy):

  • Short or long term payment arrangements based on what you advise you can afford
  • Payment extensions up to one billing cycle in duration (one extension is allowed within any 12-month period)
  • Reviews of your payment arrangement, price plan, and actual meter data energy usage
  • Advice on using Centrepay through Centrelink (for entitled customers)
  • Assistance in obtaining any government concessions, rebates or grants you may be eligible for in your state, and any other community-based support
  • Options to park your debt (up to six months) if required, so we can work on practical assistance to achieve energy affordability, and to pay arrears and ongoing usage
  • Help to identify inefficiencies in your energy usage, (including information about your appliances and how you use them) and advice to assist you in managing ongoing usage
  • Advice on how to obtain financial counselling if you believe this would be beneficial
  • Full details of what is available are contained within the Commander Power & Gas Energy Assistance Program Policy (VIC Only) or National Commander Electricity Hardship Policy

What do you need to do?

  • Talk to us about your energy usage
  • Come to an agreement with us on what you can afford to pay regularly for your energy account(s), in line with how much you owe and your ongoing usage
  • Respond to our requests in a timely manner
  • Apply for any eligible government or community assistance, such as concessions, rebates or grants
  • With our advice, act in reducing your energy usage through practical assistance
  • Notify us if you will not be able to maintain a payment arrangement and propose a revised offer, which we will assess, taking into consideration your current circumstances as part of the review

For more detailed information about what help is available for you, please contact Commander on 133 914 or 1300 442 916, 8am – 7pm AEST, Mondays to Fridays or you can review the the Energy Assistance Program (Hardship Policy) below.

Government support

Your state government may also be able to offer you support. Concessions and rebates are available to help lower the cost of your energy bill. To find out more and see if you’re eligible, please refer to Concession Information.

Financial counselling

Financial counselling services are available. We can provide you with information on independent financial counsellors if you’re experiencing financial difficulty - just call 1800 989 321 or visit

We will not ask you questions or do a financial assessment when you enter into the Energy Assistance Program (Hardship Policy), although we will need to understand what you can afford to pay of your energy bills so we can determine if you need a short or long term arrangement.

Energy saving tips

We have some general energy saving tips available for you here. For more specific advice, please call our team on 133 914 or 1300 442 916, 8am – 7pm AEST, Mondays to Fridays and they can talk you through your usage to help you lower your usage and costs.